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Full Version: Adding Airports
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Public access to adding airports has been discontinued. Thank you all for your help.

Edit: I just came across a great source for passenger information for US airports:

I've completed the form that allows you guys to add airports directly into the game database. I was leery about allowing public access to it, but in the end I decided that's the most collaborative way of doing it. I have complete confidence in the security of the site, nobody should be able to screw anything up too badly lol. But do let me know if you come across something that you think was not intended.

The form has validation integrated into it so it should catch most things like numeric requirements and duplicate airports. Mainly just do not use commas or other thousands separators (with the exception of latitude/longitude of course, those need to be in decimal format). When we used the google form some people would put a decimal as the thousands separator, which resulted in ~ 400 airports that I need to correct now because the game shows the runway length as 10.000 feet (10) rather than 10000 ft. Be careful to be as accurate as possible, because bad data is just as good as no data at all.

The page also has a link to the map so you can see airports once you add them. I am also working on an edit page for the airports, so if you find an airport that has incorrect info, you will be able to edit it. Hopefully that will be up later this week.

I'm also working on the same type of thing for adding aircraft, just give me a few days.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Link: -redacted-
[Image: xihg38M.gif]
Looks nice, would it be easy to change the country selector to a stop down box so we don't end up with UK, U.K., United Kingdom, Great Briton, England ect.?
Done. Good idea.
Im having a problem adding Greater Moncton International Airport, see:
[Image: 9Z113x7.png]
Based on the map an airport in this location (lat and long) dosn't exist but I can't check if another airport matches the longitude (-64.678611) easily. This could be got around by making a very slight change to the longitude but could the verifying system be updating to give an error if only the lat & long match (or the error message clarified if a it already does and there is some other problem). Im aware the country says Afghanistan but the error occurs when I select Canada and this is changed to Afghanistan when the error appears.

Could you also add a -3.5 timezone category for Newfoundland?
Ha, wow. I left in the requirement that latitude and longitude be unique because I doubted that there would actually be an exact match... turns out that -64.678611 is the same longitude as L.F. Wade International Airport in Bermuda. Thus why it showed an error.

Try it now, it should work. I removed the requirement for latitude and longitude to be unique. Also added the -3.5 timezone.
Defiantly sorted, thanks. Incredibly picky, but the 3 and a half timezone is 3.5 and all of the others are x 1/2. Does your backend deal with this?
Oh, yeah. I've changed it now. Just a display issue, the backend uses decimals for everything.
Thanks, all looks fine now.
Just added a link to the list of airports, might be useful. Will probably be more useful once you can sort and search for things but I haven't implemented that functionality yet.

Also created a Europe map in addition to the USA and World maps, this should help speed up loading times if you are looking in the vicinity of Europe and don't need to see the rest of the world.
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