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Full Version: Scheduled Maintenance August 17 2018
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There will be scheduled maintenance on August 17 at 20:00 GMT/UTC. We will be performing operation system upgrades and updates. When completed, we will also update some core software and game components that is compatible with the new operation system. Both the game AND forums will be unavailable during this time. However, the issue tracker and chat will remain in service. 

The previous scheduled maintenance performed did not include operation system upgrades, as the operation system provider delayed their release of the upgrades without announcing a new release date.

Flights that are flying before the downtime should continue their flights. Flights that are scheduled to be scheduled during the downtime may fail to do so, you may have to manually ferry them back to your route's starting position. There is no guarantee that that anything will continue to work as they are before the updates.

Currently, there is a 3 hour window for this maintenance. However, it is anticipated that it will not require the entire maintenance window. If during the maintenance window we find that the projected timeline is not achievable, only some systems will be updated and I will reschedule a new maintenance downtime to keep within the 3 hour window.

You can always find the most up to date information on the chat. If you have any questions, or need help converting the time, let me know either by posting below, in the chat, a private message in game or on the forum.

There were NO new features added to the game during this maintenance period. Only back end systems were updated to accommodate new features being implemented soon. 
Maintenance is now complete! Thank you for your patience.
Our system is now upgraded and should perform a bit better.

We are in the process of setting up a announcement channel on our chat, where you can easily monitor the status of our updates and server status. Stayed tuned for more information!