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Full Version: I have returned
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I am back from my vacation now, so will start looking into the issues that have been reported. Then I will look at finishing the IFS system and gate usage system to prepare for the reset.

No ETA on the reset. Need to make sure route system is 100% before I reset. Couple weeks, maybe more, maybe less.

It was nice not working/thinking for 3 weeks haha
[Image: BHY9JM2.png]
Soo Nice !!! Wellcome back! We need your services
Welcome back Unk. Big Grin
He is back!
Welcome back, man!
(09-21-2018, 06:36 PM)Dokhu Wrote: [ -> ][Image: BHY9JM2.png]
If you watch Cake Boss, "It's Pie Time!"
Speaking of the reset, will we still start with a CCC+ credit rating regardless of how much starting money we choose? Thanks.
Thanks. Just planning in advance. Also, political restrictions will be in effect right?
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