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Full Version: Insert table into forum post
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Some custom myCode was just added to the forums to allow you to insert tables into forum posts. To use it:

To use:

This gives the table
[table=NAME] [/table]

This gives a row.
[tr] [/tr]

This gives a header column
[th] [/th]

This gives content
[td] [/td]

Change NAME to suit.





Just add more sections as needed. 

You must add a table name otherwise the code breaks.

Thanks to Zortan for the suggestion.
Thanks Unk! Great addition!
Really great addition for Roleplay!
Hey Unk, when I post one of these, there is a huge space between the text before it and the table itself. I did not leave any extra space myself. An example is my latest Realines Press release, about the start of operations - note how far down the page the tables are.
I don't know how to fix that.

It's kinda hack-y the way it's installed into the forum software, it's definitely not natively supported. Other than this I don't think myBB has a way of inserting tables. Maybe when the new version comes out they will include that functionality.
Ok, no worries!
I guess for now, you can make your tables using a word processing program or if you know basic html, you can do that too. Just post a screenshot on your RP. Smile
Haha I guess - but since I suggested the feature I thought I should use it lol.