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Full Version: Political Restrictions
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(02-06-2019, 11:14 AM)michaelsuan1 Wrote: [ -> ]are quick flights exempted on the calculation of reputation?

Its only lemonlime i swear
(02-08-2019, 03:33 AM)Carrot Wrote: [ -> ]Its only lemonlime i swear

I thought I was the only one that got pissed off at how they operate but sadly even with these restrictions they’ll still be able to do what they do in America 

But I have a suggestion could we implement the restrictions into the route research page? Cause I always make sure on that page before I open a route like maybe you could add something simple like says route restricted but it’ll still calculate it?
Yeah that should be easy enough to do, good idea

famous last words
Glad to see the new political restrictions in place now! Singapore was a very popular international hub before this :/, but in one sense I am not complaining about that Big Grin
Stupid question I got but just want to make sure cause I operate a route that goes MIA-PUJ-MCI-PUJ-CVG-PUJ-EWR-PUJ-BUF-PUJ-MIA being that it doesn’t return to Miami for about 4 days in the next reset would it give me an issue being that it doesn’t return to the origin airport but does return to the origin country
I see that US territories are limited to just the territory itself, in terms of origin of departure.
Will US mainland airlines be able to fly out of US territories?
Eventually yes
(02-10-2019, 02:46 PM)Unknown98 Wrote: [ -> ]Eventually yes

I realized I asked the wrong question. 

Will US territory airlines be able to fly from the mainland? Or will it be restricted like it is now?
I will have to double check the restrictions but I believe that will be allowed, yes
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