Compiling Airport/Airline restrictions sorted by region
Hi everyone, so as all of you may know the next part of this closed beta is to implement political restrictions. As a result, I would like to help Unk compile a list of restrictions by region so that he can try to implement it in game together with the political restrictions. Problem is that I am not really familiar with some of the countries and their restriction. (Even if I am familiar I don't have time to double check it)

So here is what I am going to do. Basically, here is the link to the current list where I am compiling. I will start with Asian countries first before moving on to other regions. What you can help me is to provide me some of the restrictions that you know about countries, and submit them below in this format.

Description of restriction(s):

Please try to make them as accurate as possible. The restrictions you can provide include, but not limited to:
1. Domestic/International Airport
2. Noise/Time Restrictions
3. Route Restrictions (eg. FNJ airport in Pyongyang only allows for flights to China because of UN sanctions)
4. Aircraft/Capacity Restrictions


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