Shaylyn Aviation "Jest never go out of style."
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"Jets never go out of style"
The jet age a time period that brings up image of glamour, people buzzing through the skies sometimes in excess of twice the speed of sound, quite a different view then todays flying sardine cans, where airlines went from offering great service to trying to nickle and dime the last peny they can. We however chose to go back to that time of glamour and jets, just with a great deal of modern style added. Flying a vintage fleet of jets including the famous Concorde, Shaylyn Aviation offers you the most glamerour and relaxing flying experience you can imagine. With zero added fees and great onboard service to all, you can rest assured that you will not just travel faster, in my style, luxury and glamour, but also that you can travel without a single need to worry.

We offer daily or twice daily flights from Tel Aviv to Europe, Asia and Africa. At Tell Aviv we offer a great selection of lounges for you all to enjoy while you wait for your flight to depart. So why don't join us over there for a glass of champange and a lovely meal, or perhaps you been traveling long for business and a massage can be just what you need to come to your senses. Wehterh on the ground or in the air we will be offering the very best possible service.

Lol. Really funny.

I hope the airline will be better than your sense of humour.
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(05-02-2019, 01:19 AM)Dokhu Wrote: Lol. Really funny.

I hope the airline will be better than your sense of humour.

Maybe you meant "I hope your airline will be as good as your sense of humor? Tongue

Nice-looking airline Carde! How many VC-10s now? Big Grin
21 VC10s
2 Concordes

Made the main post more serious Wink

More to come as always.

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