Lone Star Airlines (work in progress)
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Lone Star Airlines
IATA: LS | ICAO: LSA | Callsign: Bluebonnet | HQ: Austin Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)

We aim to be the premier airline taking to, from, and around the Lone Star State and eventually to and from all over the world as well. Founded in 2019, we recognized the lack of international connections out of ABIA, and we wanted to rectify that, because after all Austin is quickly becoming the second Silicon Valley. Here at Lone Star Airlines, we treat every customer with the friendly Southern Hospitality that everyone that has been to Texas understands.

Route Map (More Destinations Coming Soon)
[Image: yHxJwT7.gif]

4x Airbus A220-300, only 1 operating until we reach profitability

(coming soon)
The saguaro cactus is my spirit animal and it should be yours too.
It's official y'all:
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Good luck with Lone Star Airlines.
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