I formed an airline three days ago. My awareness at the time was zero. Two days later, my awareness was 4.25, as it had grown every day by about 2 percent. However, yesterday I created an IFS profile. This morning, my reputation was down to 1%.

What happened?
hmm... it is a bit strange. Did you happen to lower your marketing? That is the only thing that would cause awareness to fluctuate that much.

Awareness is not affected by anything related to financial performance.

Only other thing I can think of is if you waited 1-2 days before you started flying routes, maybe some of the categories that make up the awareness calculation didn't exist yet (# of routes, passengers transported, destinations etc). Perhaps instead of using 0 for those numbers the formula didn't include them at all and that made the awareness go up more than it should have. I will have to double check that when I get home today.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
I did lower marketing in one lower category, but raised it in another.

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