Upcoming Changes to Awareness
This weekend I will make two changes: 

a) Marketing will have a "lingering" effect - Awareness will slowly accumulate and then slowly degrade when you set or remove marketing.
b) Natural growth rate of awareness will be increased slightly.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
Thank you!
Fly the mild-mannered skies! 
Thanks. That's great news!
Happy to hear it.
Changes have been made and should take effect during the next maintenance period.

Marketing now takes 7 days to come into full effect, and it also takes 7 days to fall away if you remove a portion of marketing.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
During daily maintenance tonight, the game will begin to calculate route awareness. Right now this is based off of the frequency (number of times you fly) each route. (one route meaning an origin -> destination pair). If you fly a route more often, it will have higher awareness. The way route awareness is calculated will evolve in the coming weeks with the adjustment of how airline marketing works and the addition of route-specific marketing campaigns.

Currently, there is no way to see the route awareness of each route you fly. Most likely it will be added to the route overview page, but we are also working on improving the efficiency of that page since at the moment it can take quite long to load depending on how many routes you operate.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise

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