Amihan Air
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Amihan Air is an airline based in Manila, Philippines. A subsidiary of Amihan Air Holdings. The airline operates a fleet of 5 ultra-modern Airbus A220-300, the most advanced narrow-body airliner in the world. With an average fleet age of just 4 months, Amihan also boasts one of the youngest fleet in the world.  
Press Release: Amihan Air suspends flights to Kalibo and Zamboanga.

Amihan Air will close its routes to Kalibo and Zamboanga from Manila. The decision is part of an effort for strategic route restructuring to maximize profit and focus on flying to cities with higher market potential. Poor commercial performance from the two destinations also contributes to the factors affecting the decision. In turn, the airline will use the aircraft assigned to new international destinations, Shenzhen, Taipei, and Hong Kong.

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