Reputation, Route Creating, etc.
Hi, I am a beginner at Airline Enterprise.
I had multiple airlines earlier but had deleted them because I wasn't satisfied with my outcome. 
Now, I have started a new airline, waiting for the used planes to come to my base. 
So here I am asking you guys to help me solve the following questions I have had a long time:

- How do I know what the route awareness is? In the route research, one of the little boxes were route awareness, but I don't know what the awareness is because I don't know how to!
- This awareness goes with the airline reputation/class. Like, where can I look so I know what my reputation is in each class? 

As far as I understand from reading others', basically your passenger load will increase if my airline reputation increases? 

Thank you
If you go to routes - route overview it will show you the reputation of each route.
At the beginning this will be zero. 

The route awareness is coupled with the airline awareness. If you have an airline awareness of 25% all routes will start with that percentage.

Your class reputation is shown on the airline overview page, but you will have to fly first before any rep will show up.

All this is very well explained in the about section. Have a good read otherwise you might struggle.

Good luck

You can find your flight's class reputation when you click on the flight number on Active Flights or Flight History pages

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