Route Marketing
Route Marketing will be implemented soon. Here is the change log for this feature:

1) You will be able to set route-specific marketing based on airport pairs (airport to airport). This marketing boost will apply to any routes/flights you have between the two airports. You are able to specify different marketing for each direction of travel.

2) New routes will start at 0 awareness (right now, they start at your airline's awareness)

3) You will be able to set up a route and apply marketing to it prior to flying the route to build up awareness.

4) Route awareness will rise on its own over time, even without route marketing.

5) Route marketing will do two things: Provide a boost to initial awareness (up to 35%) and increase the rate at which route awareness grows. 

6) Overall airline awareness will also factor into the growth rate of route awareness. A higher airline awareness will lead to faster growth of route awareness across the board.

I expect route marketing to be implemented over the weekend. Let me know if you have any questions/comments etc.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
I have a question - will we have to market each city pair separately? Cause that seems quite expensive, not to mention very time-consuming to set up for an airline with more than a couple of routes...
Can you also have a time option - where I can set it to run that marketing campaign for x amt of days/weeks?
Will the pricing be the same as for airline advertising?

If so will the effect on a single route be higher than the same marketing would have when used for increasing airline rep?
This is how the page is currently set up. It's not like airline marketing which has different types and fixed budgets, you just enter an amount and the blue bar adjusts to show you what effect your spend is having on the route (full bar = max effect)

There is a "save all" button, so it is not like the flight numbers page where you have to save each one individually.

I can look into adding a tick box to also add marketing to the return route. I think it's not too difficult to do.

A time option... it's more complicated to do but I will look into it. 

As far as the effect on a single route versus using airline marketing, the effect is more. Say you spend $400k on airline marketing, or $400k on a single route. The effect on the route will be more if you spend that on route marketing as all the budget is allocated to boost that specific route whereas airline marketing is much more general and not focused on any particular route.

Also keep in mind route marketing is temporary, to provide a boost to new, unestablished routes. Once route awareness reaches 100% there is no need to keep the marketing.

And the budget required is dependent on the airports you fly to. Marketing JFK-ATL is much more expensive than marketing BOI-ABQ.

[Image: F4xQCxA.png]
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
Run time and the tick box to copy the configuration to the return route have been implemented.

There will be a delay in implementation since I need to do further testing to make sure it's all working correctly.

Hopefully these 2 things will make it less tedious to set up route marketing. 

[Image: p7R4AYE.png]
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
Route Marketing has been enabled and opened up for wide-scale testing. During this testing period, you will not be charged for route marketing (just in case something goes awry). The effects of route marketing are fully implemented and any marketing you set will affect your route awareness. We expect this testing period to last 2-3 days. As long as we do not experience any issues with the new system, it will go live later this week and at that time, all airlines will start being charged for any route marketing they have set.

Please review the change log below to understand how route marketing works and what changes have been made to the route awareness formulas:

1) Previously, awareness for new routes started at your current airline awareness. They now start at 0%.
2) Route awareness is now affected by three main factors:
--- Flight history between the two airports (this is the natural growth of awareness gained by simply flying the route - exactly the same as was before)
--- Airline awareness (a higher overall airline awareness will increase the natural growth rate of route awareness)
--- Route marketing spend

Marketing spend does two things:
1) Provides a boost to initial route awareness (up to 35%). Setting route marketing will cause the route awareness to rise over time, even if you are not flying the route yet.
2) Increases the natural growth rate of route awareness. Higher marketing spend will cause route awareness to grow at a faster rate.

Route marketing is not required. All routes will continue to naturally gain awareness, as they do now. Route marketing is just a way to speed that process up. You do not need to market routes that have 100% awareness - there will be no benefit to doing that.

To use route marketing, go to Manage Airline -> Marketing -> Route Marketing. Experiment with different values and see how it affects your route awareness. Do keep in mind that for today's maintenance period (Aug 5) the game will adjust all route awareness based on the new formulas. If you have a high airline awareness, you will probably notice that your newer routes will drop in awareness. This is because airline awareness is no longer added to route awareness, and the formulas are re-adjusting based on that.

Any questions, comments, concerns etc feel free to ask on our Discord chat or in the forums.

Thank you!
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
Hi unk

Thank you for the free test period. I have used a range of budgets to find that sweet spot for short haul and long haul.
As expected the rep of almost all my flights has decreased and I am trying to get it back to where it was. 
One question :
If I use a budget of let's say 1mio on a route and that fills up the blue bar, does that mean the maximum effect has been reached and doubling it to 2mio is not gonna make much difference? 
Many thanks. 
Correct. Once you reach max benefit any spend beyond that will not have the same effect (2mil vs 1 mil will give better results for sure but the rate of return is much less once the green bar fills up)
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
will the cost of the route marketing be deducted on your acc. per week? or will it be per day?

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