Bag Fees
Bag fees have been implemented into routes now. To set bag fees you can go to the set ticket prices page, and set carry-on fees and checked bag fees for each class. These fees will apply across the board to all of your flights. Currently there's not a way to set bag fees for only a particular route. Not sure if that will ever be implemented to not... there's no room for it on the flight numbers page so it would have to be a separate function. Instead, I may be able to do something where routes within a certain distance range can have different bag fees, or maybe just an enable/disable feature for each flight number. We'll see.

Ticket Sales and Baggage Fees are now two separate entities on the income statement. Sometime soon I will begin to track detailed bag information for each flight, so you can see in the flight history how many passengers are bringing a carry-on or a checked bag. But as of right now that data isn't stored.

If you decide to charge bag fees, the more you charge, the less likely passengers will be to bring a bag on board. So at a certain point the revenue you gain from baggage fees will peak and a further increase in fees will not result in more revenue. Bag fees do not affect reputation gain whatsoever, only demand and revenue. Bag fees are worked into the pricing function of the demand formula, meaning a bag fee has the same effect on demand as raising your ticket price. A $150 ticket with a $25 checked bag fee is the same as another airline having a $175 ticket and no bag fees.

You may notice some missing flight revenue in the financial ledgers if you had flights that got scheduled during the maintenance period (roughly 5PM-7:30PM GMT). Nothing I can do about that unfortunately. If that happened, you still got the revenue added to your cash, but it just won't show up in the ledger or the income statement. Chalk that up to being a public beta.

Bag fees are not implemented into quick flights, and the reason for that is quick flights in their current state may be going away soon. More on that in another thread.
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