Update to Route Scheduling Logic
This has been discussed for a while on the chat but I realized I've never mentioned it here on the forums. I am working on a fix/update to the back-end code that handles route scheduling. After IFE we were having some issues with certain routes no longer scheduling properly (we were before IFE as well but not to the same extent)

End-users will notice very little difference, with the exception that instead of routes scheduling every 5 minutes, the script will only run once per day, and schedule all flights for the following day. This should allow multiple routes to be assigned for each aircraft on the same day.

Routes will still schedule instantly upon activation provided there are no other scheduled flights already for that aircraft and the aircraft is at the departure airport
It will likely require the game to go into maintenance mode once per day to allow for the system to schedule the routes.

This update should be applied today or tomorrow.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
What happens when the script runs but my aircrafts are still flying and not in their starting airports? Will the route for the next day still schedule?
It will check the last scheduled destination of the aircraft and compare that to the starting point for the next route.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
That's brilliant. Thanks Unk!

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