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Right now with so few players the effect from competition is relatively small. I'm on my phone right now so I can't explain in detail but the more flights on a route the less passengers are available. Game uses data from the past 7 days to determine competition
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OK, I have placed a few more flights just to spam them onto the Geneva to Jersey route. For base passengers this has:
— Base Passengers —
Economy: 162
Economy plus: 23
Premium economy: 21
Business: 6
First: 2
Which seems reasonable, but im now at 8 flights and the competition factor only has the following effect:
— Competition Factor (8 flights) —
Economy: -8
Economy plus: -1
Premium economy: -1
Business: 0
First: 0

Im potentially wondering weather or not this should be nearer to 10 times more then this, how much of an effect do people feel that this should have?
Just had anoughter thought in this idea and wanted to hear how easy it would be to impliment. What is instead of a flight counter which just incimened ince per flight (as now?). We increase it by the proportion of passengers flowen to the number of seats. Take a route with 100 base economy passengers, if you fly a plane with more then or equal to economy 100 seats then 1 is added as now. But if you only have 50 economy seats, then the counter only increases by 0.5 (50/100). If you don't have any seats of a particular class then the counter won't increase at all (im imagining one counter per class) as you wont be direcly competing with anoughter carrier if you dont have the same classes of seats. Im unsure exactly weather or not using the number of seats in each class or number of passengers flowen in each class is better. How possible does this sound unk and what do other people think?
Attaching it to actual pax flown instead is a good idea. If you only fly 30 pax it should not have as much of an effect than if you fly 100 pax, etc.
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So something similar to what skifans suggested has now been implemented. Instead of the competition factor only taking into account how many times a particular route has been flown within the past week, it now counts the actual number of passengers flown within the past week for each class. It compares that to the "base" pax to determine how many passengers are lost due to competition. The more passengers that have been flown within the past 7 days, the less you have available to you.

It may be a little too sensitive, now it's probably not a problem but once we get more players and if we have 15 airlines flying the same route it may become impossible to get any pax at all. Time will tell.
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Great to here! Thanks for implementing, will this take effect immediately or will we need to wait a week for the counter to get upto speed?
[Image: skifans.png]
[Image: skifans-future.png]
It takes effect immediately. You can also view the effect of it on the route research page.
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[Image: KCgxGfk.png]
Wow that's lucky
Demand has been adjusted rather significantly among all routes after some testing performed by Carde and myself.

Base demand for all classes on all routes has been increased by roughly 40%. Additionally, the sensitivity of the competition factor was lowered, meaning the drop-off in demand for routes that have lots of competition is now less.

You will start noticing the effects straight away. Any flights that are scheduled from this point onwards will use the new demand formula. Any existing flights already scheduled will not be updated, since passenger loads are calculated when the flight is scheduled.
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