Game Performance Upgrades
As you may have noticed, the game performs slowly from time to time. In addition, if you play the game from places like Africa, Europe or Asia, you may have noticed that some elements of the game loads slowly, including logos, styling, and images. 

To address that, we are going to introduce some exciting server enhancements and upgrades in the near future.

  1. In the next few hours, we are switching to use a new distributed hosting/content delivery service. This enables parts of the game and website to be distributed to a data centre that is local to you. This means is that instead of making a long connection to our servers located in the USA directly, it connects to a server that is located at almost every major population centre around the world. That server will then instantly respond with stuff that isn't dynamic, such as images, logos, layout, etc. and then connects to our servers using a high speed connection that is faster than your typical ISP for the rest of the page. 
  2. We are switching our cloud servers to another cloud provider that is faster and better optimized for what we need. There will be noticeable speed increase as we have more resources and infrastructure dedicated to the game. This will coincide with the next game reset. There will be downtime, but it will happen at the same time as when we deploy new features as part of the reset. 
  3. We are also currently exploring options to have high performance dedicated servers purchased in the near future. These plans may also include having additional servers in the EU, it will still be the same game world but noticeable performance for users in the EU and Asia.  
Again, we are deploying the use of a new content delivery service in the next few hours. This service is used by many large and small companies and is GDPR and privacy compliant. The change should be transparent, and will not impact the game in any way. In fact, we are already running portions of our infrastructure using this service. If you experience any issue with connecting to our game please let me know, or drop by in the chat.
thank mr sw
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Thanks for the upgrades! Smile
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