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About us

IATA Code : NO

Nordic is a new full-service carrier based at Helsinki, Finland, and mainly focused on international travel. Launched in September 8th 2018, Nordic commenced operations in April 29th 2019.

Corporate & Financial Information 

The Nordic Group is a private company with the largest stakeholder being the Finnish State (25% share). Other investors to the company include :

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Our Ambition

As most things Finland, Nordic was launched with a plan. The company is prepared to take small and steady steps towards becoming one of the largest airline carriers of Northern Europe as well as the largest representative of Finland to the rest of the world. In order to keep our ambition alive and possible to achieve, Nordic will focus on profitability and financial stability instead of aggressive expansion, especially during the first few months of operations.

Here at Nordic, we make sure that all passengers get an unforgettable flying experience, no matter what class they fly on. Join us and find out what flying the nordic way really means!

  • Helsinki Vantaa (IATA HEL, ICAO: EFHK)

Our Fleet

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Nordic is currently operating a total of 25 Boeing 737-800s, equipped with 165 seats. The 737 is flying in our international short and medium-haul flights to destinations throughout Europe.

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Nordic has leased a total of five Embraer E175s. The E175 flies on short international and domestic routes.

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The ATR 72-500 is the latest investment from Nordic. A total of eight 72-500s, operating under Nordic Regional, fly to a number of domestic and international destinations throughout Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

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The Airbus A350-900 is expected to become the backbone of our long-haul fleet, flying the most direct route from Europe to Asia and America using the Northern Route. Taking advantage of Airbus' latest cabin innovations and Airspace cabin interior, our A350-900 is able to carry up to 304 passengers in a three-class layout, ensuring our passengers get the maximum level of comfort.

Our Network

As of October 6th, 2019, Nordic flies to 65 destinations throughout Europe and Asia.

For more details, check out our interactive route map (outdated).

Sky Club: Our frequent flyer program

Sky Club is Nordic's frequent flyer program. Earn miles by flying on Nordic or our partner airlines and earn great rewards!

  • Basic
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


The basic tier gets you assigned to Nordic Sky Club. The basic tier has no particular benefits, though members can start collecting and spending miles by flying with Nordic and our partner airlines.

  • 125% mile accumulation
  • Access to "The Great North Lounge" at Helsinki Airport
  • Priority Check-in
  • Access to the fast lane through security

  • 150% mile accumulation
  • Access to all lounges
  • One extra 23kg bag at no extra cost
  • Priority Check-in
  • Priority boarding
  • Access to the fast lane through security

  • 200% mile accumulation
  • Access to all lounges
  • One extra 23kg bag at no extra cost
  • Priority Check-in
  • Priority boarding
  • Access to the fast lane through security
  • Complimentary parking at Helsinki Airport
  • Complimentary valet service at select international destinations

Fly the Northern route

 Fly via Helsinki and take advantage of the most direct route between Europe and Asia. Thanks to Helsinki's location, the northern route is a geographically convenient way for traveling between Europe and Asia, as well as between Europe and America. The northern route reduces the overall flight time by 3 hours on average, compared to a regular hub of central Europe or the Middle East.
 The airport of Helsinki is efficient, compact, and easy to navigate. It's the ideal airport for transferring between Asia, Europe, and the US with short transfer times. 

About Finland

Visiting Finland? Here are some fun facts!

Disclaimer: The picture below is self-made but it's heavily (and by heavily I mean pretty much a direct copy) inspired by a similar page on Finnair's in-flight magazine.

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Not convinced? Check out to learn more about the world's happiest country!

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July 27th, 2019

Nordic goes long-haul!

After some very successful first months of operations, Nordic is pleased to announce the airline's entry into the long haul market! Earlier today, Nordic has secured a lease agreement with the Air Lease Corporation for a long-term lease of three brand new Airbus A350-900s, the first of which is scheduled to be delivered in August 22nd, 2019. Our new A350-900s will seat up to 300 passengers in three cabin classes: Our signature Business Class, Premium Economy, and Economy Class. These new aircraft will feature free of charge on-board Wi-Fi, as well as personal in-flight entertainment screens for all passengers.

The first destination to be served by our A350-900 is Seoul! Leisure and business travelers can now fly faster and easier from Seoul to Europe by flying the northern route!

[Image: URNKGtF.png]
August 5th, 2019

Nordic selects the ATR 72-500

Nordic is pleased to announce the purchase and lease of a total of five ATR 72-500s! These brand new turboprop aircraft will seat 74 passengers in an all-economy cabin layout. Operating alongside our Embraer E175s, the ATR 72-500 will enable Nordic to further expand its domestic and regional network.

Launching Nordic Regional Airlines

Making yet another strategic move, the Nordic Group is going ahead with the launch of a subsidiary airline, Nordic Regional Airlines. Nordic Regional will operate as a subsidiary of Nordic, based at Helsinki Vantaa airport. In a move to streamline Nordic's fleet, the airline's total of ten E175s and ATR 72-500s will operate under Nordic Regional.

Introducing Nordic Sky Club

With the impending launch of our long haul services, Nordic is introducing its frequent flyer program called Sky Club. For further details, see the first post of our page.

Extending our reach: New codeshare agreement with OASYS

Nordic is proud to announce the start of a new partnership with OASYS, Australia's leading airline! Passengers flying from Perth and Sydney to London aboard OASYS can now connect with Nordic and conveniently continue their journey to Helsinki. The Nordic Group is looking forward to strengthening its ties with OASYS, a great investor and important stakeholder of Nordic.
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September 9th, 2019

Nordic orders additional twin-aisle aircraft; postpones narrowbody fleet renewal decision

Nordic is extremely excited to announce the leasing of 7 additional Airbus A350-900s, bringing our overall A350 fleet up to 10 aircraft! Adding to this, Nordic is also welcoming a new member to the family, the Airbus A330neo! The airline has leased a total of five A330-900neos from our great partner, the Air Lease Corporation. These brand new aircraft will further enhance our passengers' experience and will aid in achieving our goal becoming a major player in connecting Europe with Asia and America.

After the recent worldwide grounding of Boeing's 737 MAX, Nordic is taking the opportunity to postpone their plans regarding the replacement of the 737-800s currently in service. Until the ban on the 737 MAX family is lifted and the first thoughts have been expressed from the public, Nordic will capitalize the given time to make a decision that will benefit the airline and the passengers who choose to fly with us. Therefore, a decision is not expected until Q1 2020. Until then, short-term leasing of additional 737-800s is expected in order for the airline to be prepared for the high-demand Christmas period.

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