December Update
Copy from the game homepage for those that may have missed it:

An update was applied to the demand formula today concerning maximum ticket price. Previously the maximum ticket price was simply 3x the "Base price" displayed on the route research page. Base price is a measure of what passengers in the game world expect to pay for any given route. What this hard 3x limit led to was a sheer drop-off of demand at the 3x value, rather than a smooth transition. It also allowed airlines to set ticket prices at 2.99% of the base price and still get 100% loadfactors.

The formula has been changed to a logarithmic formula that will decrease demand as the ticket price approaches that 3x limit. You can no longer simply triple the base price and rake in large amounts of revenue. This is one step towards making the game more difficult and bringing down the massive profit margins we are currently seeing. 

Also I want to provide an update on the next major game reset. I am still working on getting IFS configured, so expect to see that update released soon. Shortly after IFS is released I will update the reputation system to a calculated reputation rather than the accumulating system we have now, as described in previous game updates. Sorry for the delays but IFS is taking longer than I anticipated and I do not want to release an unfinished patch.
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Thanks Admin.
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Everything sounds great!
Thanks a lot for the update Unk!!!
Unk, Did you just put the owned aircraft value?
Thanks unk! This game is improving, that's for sure! I love all the hard work you're putting in!
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Thank you for all the hard work.

Looks like I will have to go over all my ticket prices again. :-)
(12-03-2018, 04:54 PM)sfk Wrote: Unk, Did you just put the owned aircraft value?

Yes that was done on saturday
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
Is that why my credit rating dropped?
No, that probably dropped because a fix was applied to the "ability to pay leases" portion of the credit rating formula. It was not weighting it correctly.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise

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