New reputation system
The new reputation system will be going live within the next few days, probably saturday or sunday if everything goes right. Just wanted to give a heads up that you will see a change in your reputation.

The new reputation needs to be tested before we reset.
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Gosh I should start changing them.
Which are all the aspects that you take into account? And how much they weight in the formula?
the new reputation is the average of your flight reputation over the past week. Each flight now has a reputation assigned to it. 50% is from the IFE on that aircraft and 50% is the IFS served on that route.

So to improve reputation have a good IFE and IFS - that is all.

In the future marketing will also play a role. Also things like delays (when implemented) will affect it. But for now it's just IFE and IFS.
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Unk - my flights are gonna be totally empty. There is no way I can survive with a 4.37% rep...

I’m a low-cost airline and I don’t offer good ife or ifs - is there something I can do?

I mean IRL airlines like IndiGo have no ife and awful IFS and they get full planes...
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lower prices

Also 4.37 seems VERY low even for not offering much

Just did research - ATL to DFW. 5% reputation. $99 ticket price. 302 passengers even with all the supply that route already has.

$130 ticket price - 131 passengers.

I think it'll be fine.
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4.38 now Big Grin

My IFS is basically nothing 0-2hr, buy-on-board 2-5 hr, and then free snack long-haul and extra stuff for purchase, which doesn't seem all that bad to me. Most of my planes don't have IFE - a couple 767s and MD-80s have WiFi for purchase, and the 767-300ERs have overhead TVs. I mean, it doesn't seem much worse than many airlines out there today... Big Grin

I'll just have to drastically cut prices I guess.

So what about bag fees? Could you modify that so it doesn't count as part of the price in terms of whether or not people will fly the flight? IRL it's not taken into consideration that much - I mean people do fly Allegiant... Big Grin
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Need to figure out what to do with bag fees. Cause it should only affect demand for pax who are going to check bags, not all demand.
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Exactly. And it should affect pax who are checking bags less
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The new reputation system is now implemented, along with the new star ratings for airlines.

Each class has its own reputation now AND your airline has an overall reputation (as you did before). As explained previously your reputation is no longer accumulated for every flight you complete - it is calculated based on the quality of service you offer. An airline with low quality of service (i.e. an LCC) will have a low reputation - this is normal. A full service airline will have a higher reputation, but will also endure higher operational costs.

If you have a low reputation you will likely have to lower ticket prices to maintain high demand.

Please read the game guide for more info on the new reputation system:

Any questions feel free to ask here or in discord.
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