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(05-05-2019, 08:54 AM)fsclips Wrote: Hi everyone
I have to say I am not too happy with the current state of the game. It doesn't feel very balanced.
I have to spend loads on advertising to increase load factors, but the minute I decrease that spending the load factors drop.
Surely if a person has become aware of my airline they don't suddenly forget about it if I decide to decrease spending on TV adverts.
It makes creating a profitable airline very difficult and the first few weeks the new players will just have to sit and wait until things improve.
I agree that the previous version of the game was too easy. But I feel it has gone the other way.

Could we not have a rep system that builds up and only decays slowly when you stop spending on adverts?

Sadly I have to agree. I was able to get full loads but the advertising costs were not even close to making a profit. I was really enjoying it before this new update but now it is unplayable. I was really looking forward to seeing this game develop but now I haven't touched it in over a week. I like the idea of advertising but this change killed it for me.
I'm slowly creeping into the positive side. It's been long and harsh, but its working
I know it's difficult to develop a game and I'm really grateful to the Admin and it's hard to understand the effort he makes but the game is very beautiful but it's not fun. I would like to have more things to do and not be worried about adjusting figures.
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I have to agree with you, this game is too complicated for me, it`s very hard to make any profit.
To those who struggle:

Pick an HQ with 20mil PAX or above (10-15mil is also possible, but a little harder)
Pick destinations for your planes which means they fly daily to that destination.
Make sure each plane makes between 1 and 4 legs a day and routes that are as close to 24 or 48 hours as possible. The more your plane is in the air the better.
Raise prices by 10 to 25% (You can increase your prices more aggressively early on) each time you hit a 100% load factor.

Plane configuration wise, Business class -> Prem Econ -> First -> Econ in that order of importance

Routes up to 4 hours can be done with basic seats and maxed IFE & IFS while maintaining 100% rep, between 4 & 12 hours can be done with regular seats, 12+ with premium seats.

These are just a few core points and with those you should be able to be profitable within 2 to 3 days even with maxed out marketing. Of course this does depend on the plane you pick, expensive inefficient planes will not help.

It is really not hard to get going, my restart airline is 10 days old I started with 5 A220-300 leased and 1 777-200 brought and I just brought a second 777-200.

That's what I did, except maxed IFE/IFS. I was just lazy to figure out, but hey, I know the answer now. I might not have 100 rep, but I do have 100 load factor.
I see many people leasing 5 A220-300. It's probably with the lease limit of CCC. But couple of days after I started, I had a higher rating that allowed me to lease 5 A321NEO. And I bought 2 A320 and 2 A321. My airline's being profitable now.
But I don't like big airports, I want to fly from my small HQ on local routes and make profit with. At the moment this is impossible at all.
Small aircraft are crap in this game.
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I decided to focus my fleet only on the long haul range because it is more profitable. Next goal is reducing my debt to 0,00 dollars and then growing. I closed LCY because i was not able to earn anything.
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Keep marketing max of 25% of the revenue. Finding a sweet spot is the key, I understand it's annoying to lose money. But eventually it will slowly pay off. Don't utilize the loans 100% on aircrafts, keep a good percentage aside, in case you need cash flow.
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