Fuel Price
The fuel price formula has been updated. It is no longer a random price that is generated for each flight. 

Once a day the game calculates a new fuel price for every airport in the game. It's not entirely random but there are random elements to it. Each day the price can either trend upwards or downwards. The chance of that trend happening depends on the average fuel price of the past 7 days - a higher 7-day average gives more chance to trend downwards, a lower 7-day average gives more chance to trend upwards. The amount of the price change is a random number between $0.01 and $0.30. 

You can view current fuel prices on the airport research page. I am working on a chart that will display fuel price history but it's not ready yet.
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Another one I've been waiting for. Thanks Unk
Excellent - nice improvement!
[Image: 75T19MV.png?1]
Sounds fantastic!
But will there be a way to utilise lower fuel prices at home or at a particular airport? For instance my fuel capacity may be able to help me fly MDW-LGA return so I will get fuel at MDW if they are cheaper than that at LGA.

And also will fuel price be the same for local and foreign airlines? I am not sure but I think some countries tax foreign airlines buying fuel so they are more expansive?
As of right now there's not, maybe there would be a way to implement that in the future. Would be cool strategy though, looking at cost of increased weight vs. savings of cheaper fuel

Right now it's the same for local and foreign.
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Does the fuel consumption of the aircraft change based on the distance? The farther a plane goes, it needs more fuel and more fuel to carry the extra fuel. So the longer the flight, more expensive the operating cost gets. Also, there are toga situations where you just burn of fuel, and climb and decent is sometimes not that efficient, so the graph looks like this. Is this kind of fuel consumption implemented in the game or just a plain constant fuel consumption?

[Image: 550px-777-224_fuel_burn-range.png]
Well as far as the fuel consumption of the aircraft it is what is says on the aircraft information page. Just a flat rate of consumption.

That being said the game does calculate the weight of each flight, based on the fuel required for the distance flown, weight of passengers, etc, and then calculates the amount of fuel needed for the flight from that. The flight time is also adjusted for taxi time, takeoff/descent approaches and such.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise

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