The Video guides, some questions for you all
As some of you know I made the 2 original video guides linked to in the game guide and I am ready to make the new ones seeing the game has every so slightly changed Wink

Now the question is do you all prefer single longer videos going in full depth from start to finish, or would you rather prefer smaller dedicated videos to each topic? I personally lean towards the shorter videos as those can be more easily searched and I could even set up a channel just for those. The longer videos I would need to keep to my main channel cause I would be limited by upload length. 

Also I am thinking I will split them up in 2 sections:

Basic: Just explaining how to do things without talking what is the best options or things like that. So like purely "This is how you can get airplanes" without going into detail on which airplanes to buy.

Advanced: This would be going into detail on things, like with airplanes, how to find the best airplanes for your routes etc. 

I will say unlike before I cannot just give a blanket golden route anymore cause the game is a lot more complex (which is a great thing) so it will be more guides and not just an answers as to here is how to make the most money end of story Smile

Smaller dedicated videos to each topic.
[Image: iLm5DiL.png]
I agree with Dokhu. Attention spans nowadays are soooo short Tongue
Shorter videos would make it easier to find specific topics.
Sometimes people know the basics but want to research a specific aspect in more depths. 
Looking forward to your videos.

Shorter videos; especially if they are aimed at beginner audience. It's better to get people to do some hands-on operation quickly before having to sit through too many options.
It seems like there is overwhelming opinion towards shorter videos Big Grin

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