Crash of flight ET302
Ethiopian Airlines flight ET302, a Boeing 737 MAX 8, crashed shortly after takeoff from Addis Ababa-Bole Airport, Ethiopia. There were no survivors among the 157 occupants. 
The aircraft took off from runway 07R at Bole Airport at 05:38 UTC (08:38 local time). The airline reports that contact was lost at 08:44 local time. 
In a press conference the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines stated that the pilot reported difficulties with the aircraft to ATC. He was given clearance to return to the airport. 
Weather at the time of the accident was fine with a visibility of 10+ km, few clouds at 2500 feet. 

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Another MAX. Similar reason with Lion Air?
Rest in peace everyone.
From what I've heard it's not the same problem as Lion, from the preliminary stuff they've said. Apparently it was a different issue but they don't know what caused the crash.
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The MAX is not off to a good start it seems. The 737 had quite a safe record with previous models though.
Every single plane on the ground while Boeing modifies the aircraft software.
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Ah so that is the problem! Although I do think the idea of fly-by-wire is great (Airbus did introduce the first subsonic fly-by-wire airliner), I still think that the conventional control methods will probably always be slightly safer from a logical viewpoint (zero chance of losing flight control due to power outage, and no hacking attempt can be used in it either). The restrictions introduced by fly-by-wire (such as not allowing too low an airspeed when near the ground, always calculating the safest climb and turn angles, efficiency, and the comfortable flight experience it allows) seem to more than balance out the minute potential dangers though.

Anyway, fly-by-wire or not, flight accidents are almost always due to the fault of human error and not the machine Tongue
Yes, I feel like the MAX crashes are a coincidence.

Unfortunately, the remaining operators (Canada, US, and maybe one or two left in Africa) are limited in their operations now. Air Canada's transatlantic flights from St. John's and Halifax to London-Heathrow will be cancelled starting tomorrow I believe. The flights will be cancelled because the UK (and the rest of the EU) has grounded the MAX. Shame.
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This article may explain a bit about the problem with the 737MAX -

I don't think the crashes are a coincidence anymore. It actually states that the MCAS system forces the aircraft to nose downward in error, which explains all too well how that flight came down nearly vertically.

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