Excel Mad!
Ok guys, firstly, Hi there!
My brother introduced me to this game just over a week or so ago, and i love it!
the problem being is i love Excel too (random i know), so i made a flight planner it might be over the top and if it is im sorry.
but let me know what you think.

You can get it from here.
[Image: GA-Embraer-E190-E2.png]
Welcome fangs2005.

I make excel tables for other kind of things and they are very useful.

Yours is impressive. Go ahead.
[Image: iLm5DiL.png]
Thanks Dokhu! 
I used to have to make spreadsheets for my old job which involved alot of formulas to make it easy for my colleges to use, and so anytime i get the chance to use excel i do  Big Grin
[Image: GA-Embraer-E190-E2.png]
Wow nice work
This is exactly what iam trying to do... My sheet will try to give route time based on distance, i just need to figure out what is the formula for that (never mind, your sheet have all these stuffs ? Thx you saved my life)

This post should be pinned in the game discussion forum
Hmm, this is interesting. What does the Excel sheet do? I would like to use it if it can help me keep track of my flights more efficiently.

Is it possible to upload one into Google? I usually use Google Sheets Tongue
Also, maybe one day I would like to learn from you how to use spreadsheets - other than using them to record information, I have no idea how to configure them.

And not to forget - welcome to Airline Enterprise!
I'll have to look into putting it on google sheets, as for what it does well;
  • You can select your make and model and it'll find its range and runway requirement.
  • Using the IATA code will work out the distance and prices as well as a flight time.
  • works out how much you'd get from ticket sales based on your pland config & the passengers available.
  • probably some more stuff too.  Tongue
[Image: GA-Embraer-E190-E2.png]
Nice! I think I would like to use it Tongue
Anyway to calculate the expected profit?
I could have a look at it, as it’s something I’d like to know too, it would have to be an approximate as things like fuel prices are random but I’ll give it a go I was also thinking of maybe being able to compare 2 aircraft on things like range, gal/mi, speed and runway requirement. What you reckon?
[Image: GA-Embraer-E190-E2.png]
A compare feature will be awesome
Will be the ultimate tool for everyone

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