Shaylyn "A world connected."
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"A world connected."

We are Shaylyn a brand new airline with a simple mission, to connect a world and in this case we are talking about Earth. Earth is our home and place of origin and even though we are once again looking at the stars we still need to connect down here on Earth. Whether you are visiting your family, taking a connection to your next business trip or need to connect your goods between supplier and market we are there for you.

However just that act on it's own while a challenge does not really appeal all that much if it means spending hours in discomfort cramped into a plane. For this reason we offer class leading service and interiors on all our planes, along with generous baggage allowances all for free. You see we also want to make the connection with you as our guests onboard and that means your comfort during the journey is key to us from booking a ticket to your arrival and if you chose even your lodging.

So next time you chose to travel we hope you chose Shaylyn and give us the privilege of connecting you across this world.


Airbus A220-300:

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Shaylyn currently leases 5 Airbus A220-300 jets directly from Airbus, these are used on our European and Indian routes. These state of the art regional jets have proven to be excellent planes even on longer hauls with properly designed cabins they offer all the comforts anyone can desire. They will take you from Tel Aviv to Europe and India in 4 to 5 hours all while you can enjoy our class leading service onboard.

Boeing 777-200:

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An ex El Al Boeing 777-200 has been acquired by Shaylyn and send to Boeing in Seattle for a full overhaul which included our state of the art interior. It operates our daily service to Seoul, South Korea, on this flight you can as always enjoy our class leading service while being in great comfort onboard one of the industries well proven wide bodies.

CEO: Chiyeko Kuramochi

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Chiyeko Kuramochi started out her career as a USAF F16 and later F22 pilot for 12 years combined. Throughout her service she spend her earnings wise investing them into the stock markets wisely picking her choices which saw her net worth increasing at a steady pace. When she left her service she decided to move back to the land her father used to call home, Israel. A citizenship holder of both nations she quickly settled down and made some more investments before the urge to get back into the skies became to great once more. So she decided to use her investments as a loan guarantee and start up the most risky of business ventures, an airline in the form of Shaylyn named after her grand mother.

She is known as a straight talker and actor who certainly enjoys being free from the more strict military regimes as is witnessed by her choice of clothing and general easy going behavior. Those who work under her nearly always partly concealed eyes however know that while she enjoys and gives people plenty of freedom it is all under the sole condition that the job gets done to perfection. One particular person shared this simple statement: "If you want to wear sandals, shorts and a Hawaiian shirt to work 5 days a week you can, but you will only be working if you do your job. I seen plenty of people being send packing for thinking taking it easy applied to all aspects of working for Shaylyn."

Being a small airline still Chiyeko is clearly taking the advantage and is often found at the helm of one of the airlines planes. In her own words: "I like to fly, I thought I could do without, but I clearly could not and it would be a right old shame to own an airline and not to fly. Sure all the qualifications are not cheap, but I can pay for those out of pocket. The only downside is that passengers do not appreciate a aileron roll as much as I would, but then ensuring the flight is as smooth as possible is a challenge on it's own."

When not in the cockpit staff reports she spends a lot of time as their HQ located in one of many nondescript office buildings in Tel Aviv where she spends most of her day handling what needs to be done to keep a fledgling airline in operation. 

Chiyeko is a name I haven't seen on your profile since CA lmao
The saguaro cactus is my spirit animal and it should be yours too.
It's official y'all:
[Image: SKUn4m2.png]
Yeah it used to be the name I went under online, but people kept thinking I was a lady despite me never stating that and often confirming I was quite the opposite so hence I switched to Carde Wink

I still like the name though so I use it often for RP characters.

Hey, what happened to you? I saw that you started your airline again!
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(05-26-2019, 09:17 AM)D960 Wrote: Hey, what happened to you? I saw that you started your airline again!

People kept contacting me or in general complaining about how hard it is to start, I didn't buy it, but I had a bit of a boost so I decided to start again, record my process and see if others can benefit:

(05-26-2019, 09:23 AM)Carde Wrote: People kept contacting me or in general complaining about how hard it is to start, I didn't buy it, but I had a bit of a boost so I decided to start again, record my process and see if others can benefit:

I see. Anyway hope to see you again! I think that starting with long haul routes is more expensive at the beginning but more profitabile after one month at least.
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I will be back in FRA I bet Wink

No worries. Lufthansa has strong wings
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I wouldn't argue against it, just know you are more than welcome in Tel Aviv and drop by our HQ it might look boring on the outside, but we have a bar Smile

Of course, Tel Aviv will be scheduled with daily flights and connected to Frankfurt.
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