1.2.14 — 26 August 2023

1. Random breakdowns will no longer occur at the end of a maintenance check, only at the end of regular scheduled flights.
2. Ticket price for connecting flights will default to the sum of the two flights, if custom flight number are enabled and ticket prices are set.

1.2.13 — 20 August 2023

1. More realistic corporate headquarters lease costs: 115 Sq. Ft. per employee * $45 per Sq. Ft. = Annual Lease. 2. Increased overhead costs from 20% of lease to 25% of lease.

1.2.12 — 30 January 2023

1. Enabled base maintenance cost and modifier ability. Player now has the ability to set a base maintenance budget for each family in their fleet (75%-125%; default: 100%). A higher budget results in higher weekly maintenance cost and lower breakdown chances. A lower budget results in the opposite. The base maintenance cost is influenced by the average age of the family.

1.2.11 — 2 October 2022

1. Monthly income and revenue taxes will now appear in the ledgers during the month that they occur, rather than the next month (starting in October).

1.2.10 — 24 September 2022

1. The class reputation of each flight is now affected by IFS pricing. If you choose to charge for IFS, your class reputation will be reduced. The magnitude of the reduction is calculated in part by a ratio of price:rating for each category (meals, snacks, beverages and comfort). Having a higher IFS rating and/or a lower price will reduce the hit on your class reputation, and vice versa. The only way to avoid a reduction in class reputation is to offer free IFS.

1.2.9 — 18 September 2022

1. Bankruptcy horizon has been extended from 7 days to 30 days.
2. Random breakdowns have been implemented. Upon landing every aircraft has a % chance of incurring a breakdown resulting in emergency maintenance. The more cycles on an aircraft, the higher the chance of a breakdown occuring.

1.2.8 — 15-June 2022

1. Fixed an error that caused financial transactions not to be inserted into the ledgers.

1.2.7 — 12-June 2022

1. Decreased base ticket prices by 15%.
2. Revenue from Carryon and Checked bag fees are now recorded for each flight and can be viewed in the flight history.
3. <#588> Employee requirements and base salaries adjusted. Enabled reserves and attrition for executives. Increased threshold required to eliminate attrition. Decreased default happiness by 5%.
4. <#581> Fixed broken link on quickflight page.
5. Wifi revenue is now properly rounded to the nearest whole number (passengers cannot buy partial wifi).
6. Bankruptcy has been enabled. If an airline maintains a negative cash balance for 7 days in a row, bankruptcy will be declared.
7. <#572> The limited passenger capacity warning now only displays on routes where capacity is less than the actual configuration of the aircraft, instead of the maximum capacity of the aircraft.
8. Credit rating formula has been modified to widen the intervals between the higher ratings, starting from A-.
9. Used aircraft now require an initial preparation (similar to a maintenance check) before they are eligible for flying routes.
10. Demand model has been adjusted to more realistically depict passenger demand to/from low-ranking airports (logarithmic regression).

1.2.6 — 22-May 2022

1. Implemented random events during maintenance checks.

1.2.5 — 12-March 2022

1. <#568> Fixed a display error in which the variable costs of an IFS configuration would appear as zero if no meal is selected.
2. Auto-generated used aircraft auctions now have a random end time.
3. <#579> Fixed an error in average price calculations on the route research page where the average price would display as only the bag fees, in cases where flights with 0 passengers had been operated.
4. Fixed a related error in the demand formula where bag fees were not included when calculating the average ticket price.
5. Fixed an error in the airline awareness calculations which would result in an inflated awareness early on, causing a subsequent drop in awareness as the airline aged and hit certain milestones. Airline awareness growth should now be more linear (Expect a one-time "reset" of airline awareness on Feb 21 to correct the values).
6. DST database updated to correct the time in countries in the southern hemisphere.

1.2.4 — 13-November 2021

1. <#564> Fixed an error in the income tax and revenue tax calculations where the 1st day of the month was not included when calculating an airline's monthly net income and revenue.

1.2.3 — 1-November 2021

1. <#557> Fixed Revenue Tax not showing up on the income statement.
2. <#263> Fixed a bug where London Heathrow will not show up on the distance calculator.

1.2.2 — 6-September 2021

1. Corrected the used market spawn rate of the Boeing 717.
2. Added the General Atomics Dornier Do228NG to the game.

1.2.1 — 31-August 2021

1. Un-delivered aircraft will no longer be sent to the used market upon airline reset or deletion.

1.2 — 30-August 2021

A full game reset has occured. Full changelog below:

1. Fixed countries with special characters in their names not selectable as HQ when starting a new airline.
2. Fixed incorrect delivery dates when leasing more than 5 aircraft at once on your first order.
3. Corrected Embraer ERJ model naming scheme, which resulted in broken image links.
4. Removed the 10% demand bonus for routes where an airline is the sole operator.
5. Removed Mitsubishi SpaceJet from the game.
6. Updated used market spawn probability for all aircraft based on real world data.
7. Changed spawn rules for used aircraft as follows:

a. Game will not spawn used aircraft introduced less than 1 year ago (previously was 10 years).
b. Spawn probability for aircraft introduced within the last 5 years will be 1/10th that of all other aircraft.

8. A320ceo, A330ceo, and 737NG aircraft are no longer orderable (production has ended).
9. New airlines now start at a B- credit rating instead of being forced to CCC+.
10. Lease limit for B- credit rating increased from $5.5M to $6M.
11. Income tax rate reduced from 20% to 15%.
12. Implemented a tiered revenue tax:

13. Berlin TXL and SXF airports have been removed and replaced with BER. Passenger and cargo statistics from TXL and SXF have been combined and merged into BER.

1.1.21 — 24-July 2021

1. Optimization for stats calculations on airline overview and airline research. Pages should load much faster, especially on larger airlines.

1.1.20 — 20-June 2021

1. Bugfix for automatic route scheduling system. All routes should reliably schedule.

1.1.19 — 8-March 2021

1. Bugfix for aircraft displayed with negative time remaining on the auctions page.

1.1.18 — 7-March 2021

1. Length of time required for A checks has been reduced.
2. Planes will now appear on the used market at random times throughout the day rather than every 2 hours on the hour.
3. A bugfix has been applied to address incorrect awareness calculations relating to marketing spend and sum of destination passengers.
4. You can now view the cost and duration of the maintenance checks for aircraft listed on the used market.

1.1.17 — 6-March 2021

1. Behind to scenes improvments to enchance page load performance. Users with small to medium sized airlines should be able to load every page within 2 seconds.
2. Additional backend optimization performed on our database server.
3. Changes to greatly enhance page load performance of Financial Ledgers. (Partially implemented on 6-Feb 2021)
4. Changes to greatly enhance page load performance of Income Statements. (Partially implemented on 6-Feb 2021)
5. Changes to greatly enhance page load performance of Flight History.
6. Changes to greatly enhance page load performance of Fleet Overview.
7. Changes to enhance page load performance of other pages.

1.1.16 — 27-February 2021

1. Aircraft statistics have been updated across the board.
2. Backend maintenance performed on our database server.
3. Additional spend options added for airline marketing, to allow growth up to 100% reputation.

1.1.15 — 21-February 2021

1. Aircraft belonging to airlines that reset or delete are now transitioned onto the used aircraft market as broker sales.
2. Airbus A350-1000 maximum seats increased from 475 to 480.

1.1.14 — 20-February 2021

1. Maintenance checks will now schedule in the proper (descending) order, in the event two checks have the same remaining time.

1.1.13 — 31-January 2021

1. A320-200 statistics corrected: MP Range: 1,870 mi, Runway Requirement: 6,000 ft, MTOW: 162,040 lbs
2. Fuel weight corrected from 6.84 lbs/gal to 6.7 lbs/gal
3. Correction made to the fuel weight calculation formula
4. Flight crew on the IL-86, IL-96-400, Tu-154, Tu-204 (all variants) corrected to 3 members and IL-62M corrected to 5 members
5. New aircraft added: Ilyushin IL-96-300
6. Confirmation pop-up added when applying a cabin configuration to all aircraft

1.1.12 — 30-January 2021

1. Bugfix has been applied to the weight calculation formula that would allow aircraft to take off at a weight greater than their MTOW. Routes were re-calculated in the background and you may notice restricted loadfactors on flights that were previously unrestricted.

1.1.11 — 16-January 2021

1. Bugfix for $0.00 flight maintenance enteries appearing in the ledger.
2. In some cases, airlines were able to bid on auctions beyond the amount of cash they had. This has been fixed.
3. Bugfix for transfer flights showing a profit on the flight details page.

1.1.10 — 10-January 2021

1. Bugfix for landing fees being charged for maintenance checks.

1.1.9 — 3-January 2021

1. Income tax is now paid on a monthly basis instead of a weekly basis. Income tax will be paid at 12:00 UTC on the 1st day of every month. The amount paid will be equal to 20% of the previous month's net income. "7 Day Net Income" on the airline overview page has been updated to "Month to Date Net Income" to allow you to track spending. This figure is updated daily at 06:00 UTC.

1.1.8 — 31-December 2020

1. Bugfix for aircraft occassionally not appearing on the used market when sold after recently completing a maintenance check.

1.1.7 — 20-October 2020

1. Minor bugfix for Income Tax not being displayed on the income statement until the end of a month.

1.1.6 — 28-September 2020

1. Bugfix for maintenance checks incorrectly being allowed to be performed while aircraft is listed on the used market.

1.1.5 — 20-September 2020

Small update to implement some minor bugfixes and add income tax calculatons

1. Time Remaining on the active flights page improved so that it now handles all flights correctly regardless of how far out the departure is. Also aligned the date time format on the active flights page and the airline overview page to match.
2. For the first 5 instant lease deliveries, the game will no longer allow you lease the aircraft if you do not have enough cash to pay for both the 1st week's lease and the cabin configuration
3. Ability to view aircraft details has been added, in the case that the user has not yet created their airline
4. Income tax of 20% has been implemented, and will be deducted along with the rest of the weekly costs every Friday at Noon UTC. Airlines only pay income tax if they turned an overall net profit in the previous 7 day period (Fri thru Thurs). Income tax is a non-operating expense.

1.1.4 — 19-September 2020

Bugfix regarding incorrect demand calculations on routes with no competition

1. Bugfix for incorrect calculation of demand boost, on routes where an airline is the sole operator. This demand boost is now limited to + ~10%, whereas previously this was incorrectly providing a boost of + ~40%.
2. Bugfix for demand remaining stable even after an airline has flown the route for some time, on routes where an airline is the sole operator. Demand will now correctly decrease over time as the airline operates the route and consumes a portion of the original demand.

1.1.3 — 18-September 2020

Patch to address the following issues

1. Modifications made to the fuel price algorithm to prevent unreasonably low or high fuel prices
2. Bugfix for the transaction values not being displayed on the upcoming transactions tab on the ledger page
3. Bugfix for airlines not being charged for maintenance checks. The cost of the maintenance check is now recorded on the ledger as an upcoming transaction and will be charged upon completion of the check.
4. Bugfix for incorrectly calculated passenger capacity when flying routes close to the maximum range of the aircraft
5. Bugfix for incorrect calculation of available cash balance when bidding on auctions

1.1.2 — 15-September 2020

2nd Hotfix to address further issues

1. Douglas DC-3 runway requirement corrected
2. Airport code "JYX" was a duplicate of airport "XYI" and has been removed from the game
3. Bugfix for flight departure times shown on the flight numbers page displaying in UTC instead of local
4. Bugfix for auction winners being charged for the aircraft but never receiving the aircraft in their fleet

1.1.1 — 14-September 2020

Hotfix applied to address some issues since the reset.

1. Patch for the "Cannot read property of 'geometry' of undefined" error - the route map is no longer displayed on the airline detail page if the airline does not operate any routes.
2. The "Lease a New Gate" button was added back to the Gate Management page
3. Max reserve range and fuel burn of several aircraft have been updated:

Boeing 737-100
Boeing 737-200 Advanced
Boeing 737-700ER
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 737-900ER

4. The game now properly calculates hours remaining for each maintenance check for aircraft that spawn on the used market
5. Bugfix for the demand formula counting your own flights as competition when calculating the demand boost for flying a route with no competition.

1.1 — 13-September 2020

A full game reset has occured. Full changelog below:

1. Base ticket prices have been reduced across all classes
2. Max ticket price lowered from 3x base price to 2x base price, except for routes where you are the sole operator. For those routes, max ticket price is 2.5x base price.
3. Airline reputation has an increased effect on demand
4. Ticket prices have an increased effect on demand
5. Route awareness has a decreased effect on demand
6. Sole operators of a route will have increased demand
7. Passengers are more likely to purchase in-flight services
8. Improvements to how beverage selections impact the service rating
9. The United Kingdom is no longer part of the European Union
10. Seat slots required to install an aircraft bar have been reduced from 40 to 20
11. Shorter flights have limitations to the number of meals that can be served
12. Flight crew requirements have been increased to approximately 4 crew per plane to more accurately simulate staffing requirements
13. Lease limits for CCC+, B- and B credit ratings have been increased
14. The route marketing page has been re-done and now only displays routes where you have an active campaign. All airlines will be charged for route marketing.
15. Broker selling price reduced from 65% of market value to 50% of market value
16. Added the ability to swap an aircraft’s route to another aircraft
17. Modified the route scheduling script to run in parallel. This allows multiple routes to schedule simultaneously instead of being limited to 1 route at a time. This should effectively double or triple the speed of the daily route scheduling
18. Aircraft auctions can no longer be cancelled if an airline has already placed a bid on the aircraft
19. Aircraft Maintenance checks implemented (including automatic & manual scheduling functionality). Maintenance checks replace the per-flight maintenance cost.
20. Ability to sort by next maintenance check added to the fleet overview page
21. Airlines now have the ability to create route marketing campaigns for routes that are not yet created.
22. Adjustment made to the awareness gain received as a result of investing in airline marketing
23. Improvements made to the flight weight calculations. The game now calculates separate weights for takeoff and landing, and uses this information to determine maximum passenger load for each flight individually in conjunction with the runway lengths at each airport.
24. Loading time improved for the aircraft detail page, related to the display of the revenue, cost and profit figures for the aircraft. Previously the game was grabbing this data on-demand and calculating it every page load, now after each flight the game will add to the running total for each aircraft.
25. Aircraft market value information added to the auctions page
26. Function added to the fleet page that allows you to view active and scheduled flights for individual aircraft
27. Improvement to the way available cash balance is calculated for placing bids on the used aircraft auctions (Bids placed on auctions that have met reserve will now be subtracted from an airline’s available cash balance when determining how much cash they have to bid on other auctions)
28. Aircraft auctions can now be cancelled as long as the reserve has not yet been met
29. 3rd flight crew requirements for older aircraft will be implemented into the staff calculations
30. Dynamic range based on aircraft weight has been implemented
31. Changes to the used market & auction systems to ensure fair aircraft availability. Probability of aircraft spawning more accurately reflects reality. A maximum of 20 aircraft spawn onto the used market every 2 hours. If not sold within 24 hours, aircraft is moved to a 2 day auction with reserve set at 50% of market value. If still not sold, aircraft is deleted from the market.
32. Aircraft statistics have been updated across the board, including preparation for engine variants
33. Airport statistics have been updated across the board. Every airport that has commercial service (all 3,989 of them) is now represented in-game.
34. Certain rare/old aircraft models no longer have a hard limit on the amount that will spawn in-game
35. Some aircraft models have been removed from the game:

Antonov An-24
Antonov An-26
de Havilland Canada DHC-7
Fokker F28

36. Bugfix for inaccurate route research calculations. Route research should now much more accurately reflect the true route demand
37. Bugfix for inflation returning $inf for aircraft that ended production in the current year
38. Aircraft that spawn onto the used market now have a minimum age of at least 5 years. This means certain newer aircraft models are unavailable used, and must be purchased new.
39. All aircraft manufacturers now have logos represented in-game
40. Bugfix for profit displayed on the airline overview not matching what is displayed on the active flights page
41. Change to the calculations for the 30 day and 15 day profit margins displayed on the airline overview page, and used in the credit rating calculations. These numbers are no longer an average of previous days' profit margins, but instead calculated total profit margin for the past 30 and 15 days, respectively.
42. Bugfix for aircraft lease delivery dates incorrectly considering the 5 instant deliveries when calculating the lead time for the 6'th aircraft onwards, in the case that the player leases more than 5 aircraft during the initial start.