Server status and reset information
Hello all!

Here is an update about the upcoming reset and about the current status of our server.

Server status

You may have noticed that certain pages were not loading or very slowly and such today. You may be getting 502 errors. Also for the past few days, some or all of your routes were not being scheduled. Our current cloud provider had encountered some hardware problems and that also led to some downtime for fixes. The service provided by our cloud provider can no longer keep up with the workloads we require from them and that is why we are constantly facing problems. 

There were some temporary fixes applied last night but they didn't last long enough before the application server died again. Some more changes are made today and we will have to wait to see if they are effective or not. For the time being the game will be slow.

There won't be any further fixes to address this problem, I do apologize for the inconvenience. Continue reading to see why.


As you may have noticed, particularly by the yellow banner on the home page, there will be a reset happening really soon. It has been almost a year since the last reset. We are working hard to have bug fixes, features, and redesign work implemented for the reset. As a result, we are currently prioritizing the reset over more immediate hot fixes. You can think of it as us release one large patch instead of a bunch of incoherent hotfixes. 

A part of the reset will be us moving to another, hopefully better, cloud service providers with more powerful servers. This will help solve most of the performance problems and some of the problems stemming from configuration made a year ago. New software and tools will implemented at the same time.
Q & A:

My flights are not being scheduled and the website is slow or only partially loads. When are you going to fix this?
There is a fix implemented, but if it doesn't work, I will not be fixing it. Please wait until the reset where we deploy our new infrastructure or you can bear with us and keep using the game in the current state. 

What is going to be reset? The routes? My airline? My fleet?
The reset will erase all current game data, this means you will have to start over again. All your airline data, including fleet, money, logos, etc will be gone. Please backup or write down any data you wish to retain, such as routes you want to reuse, your ticket prices, or your logo.

How about the forums?
The forums will remain unaffected for now. There is a plan to upgrade and modernize the forums and move away from MyBB but it will not happen at this rest. 

How long will the reset process take? 
We will deploy our new infrastructure in parallel to our existing systems. When ready, we will redirect everyone to the new servers with the game already reset. There should be minimal downtime. We will provide warning and the forums will be temporarily locked at that time to prevent desynchronization. Our chat and issue tracker will remain online and unaffected.

What else is changing for the reset?
Our current aircraft data will be refreshed and some aircraft that was added accidentally will be removed. Take a look here for more information about aircraft data. Political restrictions will also now apply to all routes. Previously, grandfathered routes were not affected for technical reasons. This should ensure a more even and balanced playing field as a response to some of the great suggestions provided by players. There are a few other things we are working on and will be made available upon the reset taking place.

How can I help this process?
You can help by reporting any inaccuracies and bugs in the game. Please report any airports with incorrect or outdated statistics, submit issues on the issue tracker, or point out errors on our chat. We are trying our best to fix issues for the reset, stayed tuned!

Again, I do apologize for the poor experience from the last few days. Please bear with us as we get this reset ready for you all to enjoy!

If you have any concerns of comments feel free to post below or contact me on Discord. 
thank mr sw
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It's official y'all:
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So at the moment, none of my flights are flying, and I cant purchase/lease any aircraft due to Error 502

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Like SW said most of that is due to the server issues which we are in the process of fixing, doesn't make sense to spend time applying a patch when we are going to reset everything and move servers in a week or so.
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The fleet page looks weird. There are some weird numbers on the left, and that's it. Is it just me?
Just doing some testing, it's gone now.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise
So is the reset date fixed yet?
Not quite yet, we'll let everyone know once we have a firm date.
I am the developer of Airline Enterprise

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