Airline Enterprise Game Rules

Your use of this website ( constitutes your agreement and acceptance of all game rules as outlined below. Game rules are subject to change without notice. Violations of these game rules may result in, but are not limited to, account suspension, reset, deletion or a permanent ban from the use of this website and all related services.

1. Airline Enterprise is a FREE online game and real currency may not be used to purchase assets or any other benefits. This includes in-game money sold for real currency. Such actions will be reverted and subsequent penalties applied to all Users involved. Furthermore, the trading, buying or selling of Airline Enterprise accounts is strictly prohibited.

2. In order to provide a fair and balanced playing field, multiple accounts are strictly prohibited. Each User is limited to only ONE ACCOUNT. In the event of a User being found to have two or more accounts, all accounts may be suspended, reset or deleted, and the User warned. Subsequent action may be taken at the discretion of the administration team. If the User continues to sustain multiple accounts or is found to be in violation of this game rule multiple times, they will be permanently banned from the use of Airline Enterprise. The suspension, reset or deletion of User accounts is at the sole discretion of the administration team. Special consideration may be available to family members or members of the same household that wish to play together. Please contact the administration team if this applies to you, either through the Forums or via email at [email protected] Please note that direct User to User interaction will be limited in such cases.

In all cases, the transfer of aircraft via the used aircraft market between accounts that use the same IP address are strictly prohibited.

3. All Airline Enterprise staff members, including game developers, the administration team, game moderators and forum moderators are not liable for any in-game or real life losses, injuries or misadventures which the User may experience as a result of playing Airline Enterprise. While every effort will be taken to minimize the exposure to inappropriate or harmful content, this may not be possible at all times.

4. Users are strictly prohibited from using scripts or other 3rd party programs or software to access or use any part of this website. Automation of any game function, unless intentionally programed that way by the game developers, is strictly prohibited.

5. Inappropriate behavior on the Airline Enterprise Forums may result in the suspension, reset or deletion of the User's game account as well.

6. Exploitation, defined as "The use of a bug or unintended game function with the intention of gaining an advantage over other Users", is strictly prohibited. If a User discovers a bug, exploit, or otherwise unintended game function, they must immediately report it to the administration team.

7. Abuse of the private messaging system, both in-game as well as on the Forums, is strictly prohibited. If a User has been found to have abused the private messaging system in any way (this includes sending spam, unwanted or innapropriate messages, offensive language or content, or any other offensive material through the private messaging system), the User's account may be suspended, reset or deleted at the discretion of the administration team. Keep in mind that private messages are private only to the sender and recipient, not to the administration team.

8. Game up time is not guaranteed and Airline Enterprise will not be held responsible for any misadventures suffered within the game from such events. Unexpected server down time will be acted upon on a discretionary case by case basis. Gameplay may change at any time and we reserve the right to do so at our will. We will always try our best to make gameplay as fun and fair as possible.

9. All Airline Enterprise staff members, including game developers, the administration team, game moderators and forum moderators reserve the right to suspend, reset, delete or take action upon any User's account, at any time and without any prior warning, who is in violation of the above game rules or who has been found to have acted inappropriately as determined by them.

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These game rules were last modified on January 31, 2017.